Madsen Camp to Bay of Many Coves Campsite

10 Jan. Shortish day today, so late start at 09:30. Shared the campsite last night with another trail walker, Davina from Melbourne. She has just finished her PhD in environmentally sustainable food processing and has a gap while looking for the next thing. She is passionate about the NZ outdoors, so if anyone has a job, she would be a worthy Aussie import. 😊

Took a detour from the track via Punga Cove where Jenny and I stayed in 2011. Nice carb load at the boat shed cafe. After the climb out of Punga Cove, the trail follows the ridges. Took the side excursion to Eatwells Lookout for a great view over the sounds. Sadly no eating well there; just oat crackers and cheese for a late lunch. Then on to Bay of Many Sounds Campsite arriving 15:30. Davina had arrived an hour or so earlier, but was disappointed to have missed Punga Cove. 😉 Total of 18km with a deceptive 600m of climb. Easy walking track.

No signal at the campsite so posting will have to be delayed. Someone asked about where I would be sleeping, so I have included a photo of sleeping mat, sleeping bag and tent. A zipped tent inner is essential for keeping the sandflies out.

Madsen campsite.
Punga Cove cafe.
Eatwell’s Lookout.
Sleeping gear.
Inside the tent.

4 thoughts on “Madsen Camp to Bay of Many Coves Campsite

  1. grntporternz

    Awesome. Great progress. Room service is a bit grim as your bedroom looks quite messy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jessica Syms

    Great photos! The carb load stop looks well worth the detour.


  3. Di Graham

    Fantastic photos Richard! Having just returned from Okiwi bay, I get a real sense of your environment. Great progress! Enjoy!


  4. Ros Couldwell

    Cosy sleeping arrangements but look pretty organised with the set up. Weather looks good. Xx


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