Kiwi Hut Confinement

3 Feb. An update on Richard’s progress for those of you following his journey. The rivers are too high after the torrential rain so he’s sitting out the rain in Kiwi Hut.

11 thoughts on “Kiwi Hut Confinement

  1. Emily Shrosbree

    Very sensible. He’s probably due a bit of a rest after all those yoga sessions in Hanmer Springs! Thanks for the update Jessica 🙂

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  2. Derek Robertson

    Thank you Jessica.
    I follow Richard’s log with great interest and it’s good to read he’s taking it easy for a couple of days ; )

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  3. Ros Couldwell

    Thanks for the update. No doubt he will be frustrated not being able to press on. I was wondering how he was as always look forward to the next instalment. Xx

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  4. Val Hill

    Thanks for letting us know Jess. We have been reading of his travels with interest. We arrive in South N
    Z tomorrow and hope that rain has passed!!

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    1. Jessica Syms

      Hope the weather clears up for your stay in NZ!


  5. Chris Shaw

    Thanks Jessica. Having seen his track yesterday and knowing the amounts of rain here, this is a great post. Luckily things should clear quickly once this current hose pipe sweeps off South Island.

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  6. Peter

    Hope nobody on here finds out that it’s your birthday on Saturday.
    (Is this how you do a private message? 😉

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  7. John and Karen

    Richard. When you said that I would be OK walking in shorts on The Milford Track, I didn’t think that you meant swimming shorts. Karen and I waded through water on day 1 up to our thighs (my knees because I’m a lot taller) and were then subsequently grounded for three nights in Pamplona lodge due to severe weather conditions. And then had to be helicoptered out to Glenorchy! So…we will be back to do the trek again maybe next year or the year after. Still following your blog daily and your journey so far. So where will you be in 10 days time???


    1. Sounds like you have also been having fun in the rain. 😊 I hear it was worse further south where you are. Weather depending, I should be around Methven about 16 Feb.


  8. Ended up being three days waiting for the rivers to go down. But got out to Arthur’s Pass this afternoon 6 Feb. Taking a few days to get resupplied and cleaned up. Blog posts to follow with the story of the last seven days.


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