Lake Tekapo to Twizel

29 Feb. The chance of rain and high winds was due to reduce early morning, so I booked a mid morning start from Annie’s in Tekapo. It is about a 45 min drive to Tekapo from where we were staying in Twizel. Annie had someone to drive Anara’s car back to Twizel and we were cycling by 11:15, getting a coffee stop in before we left Tekapo around midday.

About two thirds of the journey is along the hydro power canals, so long straight stretches. The first person we met was Hal from Middlesborough/Cardiff. He was a north-bound walker also on a bike for this stretch. Later we overtook Sarah and Julia from Berlin. They were south-bound walking the canal stretches. I may see them on the sections ahead. With about an hour of stops to take in views and lunch, we completed 55km in 6 hours. Not a section I would like to have walked.

Anara’s vegetarian curry for dinner made a lovely change to my diet over the last couple of months.

Coffee start.
Starting the canal section.
Canal weir releasing water into Tekapo River.
Straight on!
Tekapo B Power Station.
Rock art.
Cross country to Twizel

4 thoughts on “Lake Tekapo to Twizel

  1. Roland L

    Hi Richard , great photo shots on your posts, is the Tekapo B power station Nuclear?


    1. No nuclear in NZ. It’s hydro. About 80% of NZ electricity is generated through renewable sources. A lot of it is hydro around this area of South Island.


  2. Steve Turner

    Hi Richard
    Just to say how much I am enjoying your daily posts and how I look forward to seeing them appear in my Inbox. The photos are amazing and it really helps to visualize what you are doing. I had no idea it was so tough! What is the night sky like without all the light pollution we are used to in London? We’ve just been to Cyprus for a long weekend and there the night-sky is so impressive. Wishing you all the best.


    1. The night sky is spectacular. The band of the Milky Way stands out clearly. Never saw that in UK.


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