Bay of Many Coves Camp to Mistletoe Bay Campsite

11 Jan. Last night, Nicolas from Switzerland joined Davina and me at the Bay of Many Coves campsite. He has completed the North Island section and aims to cover 30km a day, so he will soon be ahead. The Wekas (chicken sized ground birds) were around our tents throughout the night, scouting for loose items to steal. All secure, but not such a good nights sleep.

We each left on our own around 08:30, but met up briefly on the track at rest stops. Weather was sunny and warm. Three litres of water kept me going. Davina and I got to Mistletoe Bay at 16:30. 23km with 500m of climb. Nicolas was pushing on a further 14km to Anakiwa; my initial destination tomorrow morning.

Mistletoe Bay campsite is a commercial site, popular with families tonight and also the wekas (ground birds). Nice facilities, so clothes washed and body showered, so pleasant again after three days on the trail. Sadly no alcohol license at the campsite, so a ginger beer will have to do. 😊 Also no Internet, so there will be a few posts going up when I get a connection.

Sunrise from Bay of Many Coves Campsite
Queen Charlotte Sounds
Pack on the Track.
Davina navigating the roots.
Pitch at Mistletoe Bay.

3 thoughts on “Bay of Many Coves Camp to Mistletoe Bay Campsite

  1. grntporternz

    Nice boots


  2. Jessica Syms

    Glad to hear you managed to get a shower!


  3. julia read

    Ginger beer sounds very Famous Five. All the photos look amazing. Looks like you’re having fun


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