Middy Creek Hut to Hacket Hut

14 Jan. 21km but with 1100m of climb and decent. Everyone was up at 06:00 and most on the track by 07:30. People walk on their own but we meet up on the track when taking breaks. First stop after 2 hours was Rocks Hut and from the nearby Lookout on the ridge I was able to get 4G signal so uploaded my latest post. Might be lucky on future ridges. Stefan joined me for a section on the tops. He had stayed in another earlier hut (Captain Creek Hut) and was moving fast. His friend Robert had injured his knee and was going back. They plan to meet up in St Arnaud.

It was a gradual decent to Hacket Hut in a valley. A 9.5 hour day but I did spend 90 minutes on the ridges with phone signal. Another swim in the river to freshen up. Much colder than yesterday’s river, but after a while everything goes numb! Had wet shave to get rid of the two-day stubble so looking very fresh again. Washed my walking clothes again. May not be dry in the morning but good for a cool start. Chilli-con-carne with pasta tonight.

Mostly the same team in the hut, but adding Anise from France. Lots of grumbles about sore feet today, but mine are OK. Slid into my sleeping bag as the light went at 21:00.

Walking hot!

Stephan on the open tops
Wild goat
Hacket Hut
Oceane, Florian and Hacket Hut bunks

4 thoughts on “Middy Creek Hut to Hacket Hut

  1. Bridget Robinson

    Great stuff Richard you’re going well. Glad to hear the feet are holding up. Loved the photos.

    Kia Kaha Bridget xxx


  2. grntporternz

    Good progress. Lucky to see a goat. Bedroom looks tidier than your usual.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessica Syms

    Well done Dad! Keep it up x


  4. Nothing like some cold damp clothing to get you going in the morning.

    Not exactly hanging around either, this is certainly no Sunday stroll in the park.


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