Top Wairoa Hut to Porters Creek Hut

18 Jan. Another 07:30 to 18:45 day covering 18 km with about 1200m of climb, but I did spend an hour or so on the tops as the views were so amazing and there was signal for post uploading. I also spent a 2 hour lunch break at Hunters Hut to avoid some of the heat and recharge the body for the afternoon track to Porters Creek.

The terrain changed today. This area is called Redhills due to the rock colour. The rocks are pushed up from the earth’s mantel and are low in minerals for plant life, so the vegetation is very different. The trail was very rocky with quite a few bolder fields to climb through.

At Porters Creek Hut tonight are Stefan, Freya Anise, and Holger from Germany.

It was a hot day and I got through about 4 litres of water. Fortunately I didn’t have to carry it all as I crossed so many streams andI filled my water bottle as I went. I don’t bother filtering or purifying, but about half the walkers do. I haven’t had any problems from stream water in the 7 years in the outdoors here, so let’s hope I stay lucky.

Chilli-con-carne with mash tonight. Still tastes good. 😊

Came up out of the cloud from Top Wairoa Hut.
Track towards Mt Ellis.
Walked the length of this valley to Hunters Hut.
Rock pools.
Hunters Hut.
This is the track!
Looking back down another climb.
Porters Creek Hut.

4 thoughts on “Top Wairoa Hut to Porters Creek Hut

  1. Jessica Syms

    How is that a track?! Looks like a steep pile of rocks to me! Rock pools look great though. Glad the chilli is still going down well.


  2. Ros Couldwell

    You might never eat chilli again when you’ve finished your adventure!!🤪


  3. Karen

    Wow Richard that looks beautiful and some intense terrain there. So impress with your progress. “Ga zo door” as we say in Holland!


  4. Lois Hart

    Fantastic. You’d have a great sense of achievement after that rock climb that’s for sure.


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