St Arnaud to Upper Travers Hut

21 Jan. Awake at 06:00, but it takes longer to pack up from a hotel room than it does from a hut! It was 08:15 before I was on the trail again, with a heavy pack of food supplies for a week.

The first 11km section along the lake side (Lake Rotoiti) was a good flat path and I arrived at Lakehead Hut for a snack at 11:30. The next 13 km section to John Tait was more rugged so took a bit longer arriving 15:30. Energy levels were low, so snacked again. The last section to Upper Travers Hut was rugged and a 500m climb. In all 32km, 700m climb in 10.5 hours.

Lots of new faces in the hut which can sleep 24. Must be about 18 in tonight. Lots of non-TA trampers. One mum and dad with two teenagers out for a week. Talking to the mum Carol, she is the Kelburn chiropractor, and they live 15 minutes walk from me in Wellington. Small world in NZ.

I followed Holger in on the last section. He is good company and has a great sense of humour. He also has a heavy pack with luxuries so goes at a similar pace. He shared a tot of his whisky supply for after dinner drinks. 😊 Chilli-con-carne with the last portion of rice.

Tomorrow we go over Travers Saddle.

Lake Rotoiti, from St Arnaud Jetty.
Track from Lakehead Hut.
Swing Bridge crossing.
John Tait Hut.
Higher sections of Travers Valley.
Upper Travers Hut.
Holger’s whisky.

1 thought on “St Arnaud to Upper Travers Hut

  1. Heather

    Your photo shows it is cold at the Upper Travers Hut. When ?David and I went over the Travers Pass (also from the L Rotoiti side, it had snowed there the day we got there. This was in mid January. It was fine as we tramped down L Rotoroa.


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