Upper Waiau Camping to Anne Hut

24 Jan. Early start at 07:45 to push 34km today, but mostly descending down the valley. Just over a 9 hour day arriving at 17:00. After the first couple of hours the valley opened up to large grass flats where the walking was the easiest yet. As someone said, today was the first time they didn’t need to walk permanently looking at their feet for the next step.

On the trail with Lars from Berlin, Tristan and Veronique, Katy and Peter from Watford, UK. At Anne Hut, Pete from USA, Sam, also from USA. Troy and Jordyn. Another Katy, originally from near Manchester, but now a wildlife guide in Scotland, Gerber and Sanne from the Netherlands. Yuya, Georgia from Australia. About 18 in all. Stefan and Oceane had arrived mid-afternoon and decided to push on for another couple of hours to camp. They seem keen to get out early to Hanmer Springs.

Anne Hut is like the little house on the prairie, situated in the middle of an expansive grass flat. Bunks for 20. There was a nice wind blowing so I got my tent dried from last night’s condensation. Also dried my socks as there had been many steam crossings. Got the GPS/inReach charged with the solar charger. Dinner was the last of the chilli-con-carne with mash. The mash powder packet says it serves four. In this case it served one, just.

Upper Waiau River valley.
Sun rising over the flats.
Quieter section of Waiau River.
Snack stop, sunny and windy enough to deter sandflies.
South, down a long flat valley.
Turning west into Anne River valley.
Anne Hut.
Hut crew.
Bunk view.

2 thoughts on “Upper Waiau Camping to Anne Hut

  1. You must have been a hungry man to eat all that instant mash! Have been following you closely most of the way Richard, lost you abit thru lower part of Richmond Range, I was in middle of a house move then (am back in Wellington area now), but picked you up again at St.Arnauds. Beautiful photos! they give a real sense of where you are. Noticed you’re often doing quite long days, 9+ hrs often, your fitness must be improving, good on you buddy 🙂


    1. Haven’t been this fit for decades! Hope the move has gone well Rodger.


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