Boyle River to Hope Kiwi Lodge

30 Jan. The day started in Hanmer Springs with yoga and Steve’s excellent breakfast. After a final pack, I got on the scales. Body weight has gone up over the four days a kilo to 67kg. Pack weight has gone up to 24kg. All extra food! So that is a pack weight of 35% body weight. That will be no surprise to some!

Chara gave me a lift to the main highway at 11:45 and within 15 minutes, Don from Christchurch kindly stopped to pick me up. He is about my age and works for Waterforce as a sales engineer and was heading West for a job. We shared tramping and overseas trip stories. By 12:40 I had started walking again from Windy Point carpark.

The trail route is on the Hope Valley Track through beech forests and grass flats. The weather was being kind again; sunny and warm but with a strong cooling breeze. No real climb. I caught up with cousins Demelza (from Alexandra, Central Otaki- the gold nugget) and Rauhina (Rau, Dunedin) near Halfway Hut. At the hut Katrina was taking a short break. I hadn’t seen her for over a week. We all carried on to Hope Kiwi Lodge which is relatively new and spacious. I arrived at 18:30. Other TA walkers there included another Stephan who I had last seen at Ship Cove, Michael, Deigo from Argentina/France. Also in the Hut was Dennis and his adult sons having a boys trip. They live in Australia but Dennis was originally from Christchurch and had walked this area in his youth.

For me it was an 18km in 5:45 hours. Very little climb (250m). A stream close to the hut provided a quick wash and it had to be quick due to the sandfly swarm. I started eating into the pack weight with a venison casserole dehydrated meal for two.

Another hot night in the bunk room, kept awake by the sound of mice checking out all the packs on the floor. They got a nibble at my apple and sunglasses case.

Windy Point, Boyle River, today’s start.
Windy Point footbridge.
Hope Valley track.
Honey dew on the filaments off insects tapping into the beech sap.
Beech forest.
Hope Valley.
Forest glades.
Katrina loading up at Halfway Hut.
Hope Valley flats.
Hope Kiwi Lodge.
Hope Kiwi Lodge “kitchen” area.

6 thoughts on “Boyle River to Hope Kiwi Lodge

  1. Ahmed

    Good luck Richard.


  2. Peter

    How heavy is a mouse trap?


    1. That thought had also crossed my mind. 😊


  3. Derek

    Richard, good to read you’re back on the trail. Keep tramping!


  4. Ros Couldwell

    Felt a bit quiet without your posts. Hope all is well. Happy birthday for Saturday. Xx


  5. Di Graham

    Good to hear from you Richard! I was rather worried about you with all that rain, and raging waters down south..


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