Kiwi Hut – River Bound 1

4 Feb. A warm night sleeping on a top bunk in the hut, interrupted by the sound of heavy rain on the corrugated iron roof. It was about 09:00 before anyone got out of their sleeping bag; everyone knew that we were going nowhere today. I donned my wet gear and took a walk down the river. The relatively easy crossing we made of the Taramakau River yesterday was now double the width and twice the speed. Whereas yesterday the water was clear enough to see the river bottom, today it was milky due to sediment washing down. With more rain still to come, we could be here some time.

Hut conversation continued, trying to help Demelza with her best man speech which is coming up for her brother’s wedding. Much singing talent became evident among the hut occupants as we all joined in learning rounds.

With 13 people in the hut and everyone’s wet clothes hung up in a forlorn attempt to dry, the hut has a nice “hum” to it. As everyone is in the same state, there are no complaints. Rau was able to confirm that Vicks vapour rub doesn’t work as a deodorant and is pretty uncomfortable 😩

At 15:30, I went for another river walk. As it had been raining all day it was no surprise to find the river at least a half metre higher than this morning and filling the full width of the stone bed in most places. Small branches and logs were floating downstream and the water colour was more brown than milky. Took a video for the hut crew. No sign of the rain stopping so probably another day in the hut tomorrow.

A vegetarian pasta dehy meal for dinner. Most of those camping slept on the hut floor as their tents on the previous night weren’t up to staying dry.

Taramakau in the morning.
Same spot in the afternoon.
Taramakau River in flood.
Bodies everywhere.
Eagles nest.
Singing talent.

1 thought on “Kiwi Hut – River Bound 1

  1. Peter

    Top knotch singing!


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