Highland Creek Hut to Roses Hut

25 Feb. A good night’s sleep apart from a couple of possums scrapping on the hut verandah. Today there were two options. The first was to Roses Hut, 11km with two big 420m climbs and descents and the second option was to do that and push on past Roses Hut to camp at Macetown, another 10km and a 470m climb and descent. Silvi and Emric made an early start at 07:00 with the intent of a long day. The rest of us set off not far apart at 08:10.

There was no flat valley walking today, I was either going slowly uphill, or gingerly shuffling downhill with bent knees to take the impact. Hard on the legs either way.

I arrived at a stream about 1km short of Roses Hut. Nicola and Finn had stopped to take a dip as it had some reasonably deep pools. I joined them as did Ryan, Olivia and Emma.

Nicola, Ryan and Olivia pressed on for Macetown, the rest of us called it a day and strolled in to Roses Hut after a relaxing hour and a half by the stream.

Another TA walker arrived at 17:00. It was Diego who I saw last in our Kiwi Hut bound days. He had a long day walking from Fern Burn Hut. We were all heading for Arrowtown tomorrow night, with the prospect of hot showers, normal food and beers.

So today was 11km with about 850m of climb and 950m of descent. Taking out the stream relaxing time it was 5:30 hours on the track.

Leaving Highlands Hut.
Track goes up over ridge top left.
This slope was like a ladder. See Ryan and Olivia on the top.
Track ascends the centre ridge.
Nicola ahead.
Ryan, Olivia, Nicola, Finn on the 1261 saddle.
Down the ridge in the foreground into the valley then up the next ridge in shadow
Nicola on the way down
Down the left ridge and on to Roses Hut at the base of the valley “V” centre.
Airing feet by the stream.
Roses Hut, same design as Highlands Creek Hut.
Just up and down and up and down.

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