Telford Campsite to Birchwood Hut

15 Mar. The weather forecast had rain coming in late in the day, and as it was going to be a long one, Richard and I decided that an early start would be worthwhile to hopefully have a dry finish. So the morning alarm set for 05:45. It was a cold damp night so tents were very wet with condensation. During the night we had mice scouting around our tents. Fortunately they didn’t chew their way into the inner fly, unlike Frank and Maria’s tent, who had to do a stitching repair later in the day. We were walking at 07:15.

Much of the day’s walking was on 4WD farm tracks, initially in the high country and gradually getting lower as the day progressed. One knee deep river crossing early on meant I had wet boots for the day. I wast trialing one pair of socks, but will be going back to two, as a few hot spots developed with wet socks and feet. The undulating terrain made it interesting and varied the pace; good for the feet.

We had an early lunch 11:00-11:45. The day will be remembered for the stiles. As it was farmland, there were numerous gates and fences, all with stiles. As the day wore on, it seemed to take more effort to haul myself over them. From walking through mud yesterday, today it was cow poop. We arrived at Birchwood at 16:15. 29 km in 9 hours with about 600m of climb. Overall we descended from 400m elevation at Telford to about 120m at Birchwood. While we still have some climbs left going to the coast, we leave the high country behind.

Our hut for the night is a private one on a farm. Luxurious by normal hut standards with power and a hot shower. $20 for the night well spent. The hut also has good mobile signal, so everyone was catching up on the latest coronavirus news, checking in with families and wondering how their international flights home world be affected.

A familiar crowd are in for the night: Richard, Frank, Maria, Svenja, Daisy, John, Allison. Lots of tents drying out. Dinner was mash, mixed veg, and tuna -good for bulk. Rain coming in overnight and a wet start to walking expected tomorrow.

Pre-dawn with Richard having breakfast in his tent
Just down the valley from the campsite
Looking back towards the campsite from the first climb
Mt Linton Station
Looking back down a valley we walked from another climb
Lunch stop
Getting lower
Birchwood in sight, just below the big hill (Twinlaw) in the distance
Walk up the farm drive
Birchwood Hut
John, Daisy, Frank, Maria, Svenja

3 thoughts on “Telford Campsite to Birchwood Hut

  1. Di Graham

    Ah, those rolling Southland hills! Enjoy your final few days Richard. Looking forward to seeing you again, Di


  2. Bob Hendicott

    Nearly there Richard! An awesome achievement. Well done!


  3. Jessica Syms

    Glad your tent escaped vandalism by mice!


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