Colac Bay to Riverton

19 Mar. It was going to be a short walking day, so we had a slow start from the campsite bunk room and we were walking at 08:40. In the group were Richard, Josh and Nina. Down to the beach and then along the bay for about 6km. Much of that was pebble beach walking but the track took us over low cliffs with some great views back down the bay. At that point, all that remained was a short climb through Mores Scenic Reserve and the drop down into Riverton. The Holiday Park was on our walk in to Riverton on aptly named Richard Street.

After dropping out packs, we walked a further 15 minutes into the centre of Riverton and found that the Postmaster Bakery cafe already had an established table of TA walkers. They were making it a big day and heading for Invercargill, about a 43 km day. Richard, Josh, Nina and I enjoyed a lunch before shopping for snacks for the last couple of days. I also discovered that my phone SIM card had decided to work with calls. Must have been a network glitch in Colac Bay.

Josh and Nina generously prepared a mushroom pasta dish for dinner in the campsite kitchen, with Richard and I doing the washing up.

Down to the beach.
Walking out of Colac Bay.
On the beach.
Cliff views.
On to pasture tracks.
Up to Mores Scenic Reserve.
Josh following through Mores Scenic Reserve.
Riverton Holiday Park, on Richard Street 😊.
Out hut for tonight.

4 thoughts on “Colac Bay to Riverton

  1. Sharon Brandford

    Omg family day trips to Colac bay, happy days. And Riverton is a wee gem. Best blue cod feeds at the place on the shoreline! Hope you get a bounce in your step for the last days, Richard. A mighty effort. She’d be chuffed. Hope you are too


  2. grntporternz

    Wow. Lovely bit b of track


  3. Jessica Syms

    Gorgeous coastal views!


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