Ponden Mill to Thornton-in -Craven

11 June 2022. Tonight I am staying with Nigel (friend from university days) and Eileen. They live about 30 mins off the Pennine Way, so I timed my 0830 start for a 1500 ETA in Thornton-in-Craven where Nigel was going to pick me up.

It was about 9 km in 2.5 hours over Keighley Moor into Ikornshaw, then another 4km over farmland into Lothersdale at 1210 where Hare and Hounds pub was open. A fish and chips lunch in 45 mins made a comfortable break and was back on the trail at 1255. Thornton-in-Craven was reached at 1455, timing nicely with Nigel’s pickup after a 21 km day. Showers threatened, but it stayed pretty much dry.

This section and the next day are over land joining the Pennine and Yorkshire Dales National Parks, so the route crosses a lot of farmland. Mostly sheep but some cattle.

Nigel and Eileen were great hosts and there was much to catchup up on. Dinner, comfy bed and a clothes wash were much appreciated. 😊

Walk up from Ponden Reservoir
Keighley Moor
Grouse Shooting Bach
Big reno job
These styles aren’t made for walkers with a big pack
Hare and Hounds Pub
Looking back towards Lothersdale
Pinhaw (388m)
Nigel and Eileen

2 thoughts on “Ponden Mill to Thornton-in -Craven

  1. Bridgetporter

    Love the English countryside.


  2. Beautiful scenery, thanks for sharing✨


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