Middleton-in-Teesdale to Dufton

17 June 2022. Fred decided to take a rest day in Middleton, so I left walking solo at 0740. Much of the route followed the River Tees, initially through farmed meadows before reaching moorland. Passing three impressive waterfalls, Low Force, High Force and Cauldron Snout, I learnt that “force” comes from the Nordic word “foss” for waterfall.

Stopped for a break (1045-1105) by the river at Haugh Hill then again (1245-1310) at Cauldron Snout. After that it was away from the river across high moorland adjacent to the Army Warcop Ranges. Rain started at 1400 and continued until I reached Dufton. Most of the afternoon was in limited visibility and I missed the spectacular views of High Cup (glacial valley).

Arrived Dufton 1715 after 33km. Fortunately I had managed to book in at the Dufton YHA, so their washing and drying room facilities were just what was needed. At reception I met Paul who was now a YHA convert having stayed the previous night at Langdon Beck hostel. With a shorter day he missed the afternoon rain and benefited with the High Cup views. Another pub dinner with Paul at the Stag Inn opposite the hostel across the Green. Patrick and a couple of other walkers were also dining; they had camped at the Grandie Caravan Park.

Walking up the valley just out of Middleton
Low Force
High Force
A few footbridges today
Slip crossing
Cauldron Snout (multiple falls from Cow Green Reservoir)
Lunch stop on Cauldron Snout before the rain
Looking back into the Tees Valley
No views (near Maize Beck)
High Cup Nick
The view earlier in the day (from Paul)
Dufton Youth Hostel

3 thoughts on “Middleton-in-Teesdale to Dufton

  1. val hill

    I remember that stage so well. Such a shame you missed High Cup Nick ot is spectacular. We also stayed in Dufton YHA nowhere else much around there. Enjoy today hope rain has passed through.
    Val xxxxx


  2. Emily Shrosbree

    I have walked that section several times – my great aunt and uncle lives nearby – lots of good memories! Shame you were in the clag!


  3. Nick House

    Thanks Richard, seems to be the first inclement weather you’ve experienced..
    The Upper Tees Valley is an undiscovered gem and not on the public radar. Much prettier than the downstream at Middlesbrough.
    Do the days seem longer walking alone.?

    Take care


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