Alston to Greenhead

19 June 2022. 0710 departure from Alston campsite with a stop at the garage Spar shop for some lunchtime snacks, I was walking accompanied by Paul at 0730.

The route today followed the River South Tyne northwards, initially by the river then to the west over undulating farmland and ancient Roman features. The only village we passed through was Slaggyford where we had a 15 minute break on a Bill’s memorial park bench, Thank you Bill.

After passing near Lambley, the route went up into moorland of Featherstone Common. By this stage Paul was well ahead and I had late lunch break of 20 mins near Cross Rig (264m). Then on and into Greenhead for 1535 where I found Paul with a pint on a picnic bench at the Greenhead Hotel. He was not impressed that they couldn’t do any food (too busy on father’s day) and the cafe opposite is shut on Sundays. Managed to reserve a dinner table for 1930, and book us in at Holmhead Guest House camping (£7), 700m away back on the trail adjacent to Thirlwall Castle. Camping is limited to about 4 pitches. 24 km today.

Whitely Castle (just mounds of a Roman fort)
South Tyneside Railway viaduct
The Pennine Way does actually go through people’s back yard!
Higher in the valley
Following the course of the Maiden Way (Roman Road)
Approach to Greenhead. Ridge of Hadrian’s Wall on the horizon
Camping near the ruins of Thirlwall Castle at Holmhead Guest House
Basic but does the job

5 thoughts on “Alston to Greenhead

  1. Bridget Porter

    Great photos looks like the weather is holding


  2. val hill

    looks a good walk despite lack of eating places. a bit more remote as you go further north. enjoy the Hadrian Wall stretch, you will meet lots of people there. val xxx


  3. Enjoing following your travels. Great photos. Seems like Northern Hemisphere lifts standards (that is luxury toilet (compared to average long-drop/trowel 🙂 )


  4. Oli Love

    The loo looks really solid, won’t blow over in a storm. Tell me, is there any bush or woodlands on the pennine trail?


  5. Jessica Syms

    Crazy that such a major walking route goes through people’s gardens! Hope you had a good Father’s Day dinner. Look forward to treating you to another when you’re finished.


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