Bellingham to Byrness

21 June 2022. With a shorter distance day today and a room booked at the Forest View Walkers Inn in Byrness, there was no pressure for an early start and the Rocky Road cafe opened at 0830. The large English breakfast and a pot of tea seemed a bargain at £9. Patrick had already beaten us there. Prior to the cafe I stocked up on a few food items at the Co-op as this was the last shop for the last three days Paul and I were walking at 0930.

The route today divided in two. The first half was over farm land and moors; the second was through Redesdale Forest blocks. With not much recent rain the peat moors were relatively dry. The route through the forest was on forest tracks. Lots of windfall trees around with ongoing harvesting.

Paul got ahead of me in the forest. Ian crossed crossed us for much of the morning. I had a couple of 15 minute breaks and arrived at Forest View Walkers Inn at 1615. 26km. The Inn is a couple of houses knocked together. Most of the houses in the area are ex Forestry Commission. It is still a major area of timber production.

The Inn is run by Laura and Ollie who provide a great dinner, B&B service. A night of comfort before the last two days over the Cheviots. Wild camping tomorrow night. Weather looking good.

The Spine Race is a summer and winter run of the whole length of the Pennine Way, non stop. The summer event started at 0800 on 19 June and Ollie, Lizzie and I went out to see the lead runner through Byrness at 2300, that’s 2.5 days to cover the distance I have walked in over 2 weeks. The leader looks like setting a new record. Runners will no doubt pass me over the next two days.

Bellingham Rocky Road cafe
Over Percy’s Moss
Towards Deer Play
15 min break before the forest
Initial forest section
Main forest track
First section along River Rede
Fortunately the operator stopped stacking logs to let me pass
Forest View Walkers Inn
Forest View lounge
Lead runner of the Spine race

2 thoughts on “Bellingham to Byrness

  1. Jessica Syms

    I thought your walk sounded tough. That Spine race must take real stamina of mind and body!


  2. Egg Cameron

    Very cool to see the runners! I’ve been following the race progress.


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