Prep and Packing

6 Jan. I have had the dehydrator going over the last couple of days so now have 9 meals of chilli-con-carne bagged up. It is over-rationing for the first phase on the Queen Charlotte Track, but the commercial dehydrated meals tend to be so bland so I will spread my own out over the first couple of weeks. Extra weight, I know, but those who tramp with me won’t be surprised.

Talking of weight, I test packed today. A base weight (everything minus food water and fuel) of 12.5kg (27lb). The full pack starting load is going to be near 20kg (44lb). While ultralight backpacking has its attractions, an ultralight life for 2.5 months doesn’t do much for me. At least I know I can survive all weathers with a reasonable level of comfort.

Today I booked the 03:30 ferry from Wellington to Picton on Thursday morning and the water taxi from Picton to the start of the trail at Ship Cove (90 mins). Should be on the trail by 11:00 on Thursday. Weather forecast looking good for the first few days.

Dehydrator in action.

8 thoughts on “Prep and Packing

  1. Roland A

    Preparation is everything, but too much chili con carne may cause scouring??


  2. It is super exciting to read your blogs! Please continue writing!


  3. Ros Couldwell

    I must admit I have shed a tear or two reading your post and thinking of your plans to walk the South Island with Jenny by your side. What an amazing adventure and tribute to your wonderful wife and the best mother to Jessica, Annabelle and Ollie. Keep safe and I will be thinking about you . Ros xx


  4. michael moore

    Interesting. I struggle to get the balance right between going ultralight v safety and comfort considerations (a full change of dry clothes for the hut please). Not easy. What are you taking for shelter / sleeping in terms of tent and sleeping bag/mat? I generally prefer sleeping in tents to huts, unless weather is rotten and/or hut is near empty. Enjoy the comfy bed tonight!


    1. Hi Mike, I will include a photo of my luxury sleeping gear in a future post. Going for the comfort of a good tent. R


  5. Frances Robinson

    Good luck Richard. I know you will be very prepared! Look forward to hearing the updates. Frances xx


  6. Sue Howard

    A wonderful thing to do with Jenny & to keep you busy & occupied. I’ll be following you & donating – not sure that too much chilli is a solid idea!!


  7. chrisbarkes1gmailcom

    Hi mate
    looking at the dehydrator your boots are the least of your problems – maybe some compo 🙂

    Safe journey and sorry about the smoke from over here – hopefully it’s not too bad



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