Last things

7 Jan. Got some final body tuning, admin, and farewells done today. A visit to Tara, my chiropractor, and Serena for acupuncture, got everything aligned and eased for the start. The body passed it’s Warrant of Fitness test (MoT in UK).

I also saw my colleagues in the Department of Conservation Visitor Centre to get my annual Backcountry Hut Pass renewed. This is of great value for TA Trail walkers as it covers staying in most DOC huts, without the need to purchase individual hut tickets. Thanks to Don, Nick, Jess, Steph, Mike, Robert and Mel for their support over the last year or so.

Don and Jess in the Wellington DOC Visitors Centre.

2 thoughts on “Last things

  1. Grant

    Cool. Planning seems on track


  2. Roland Liddell

    With regard to personal comfort ,if that is likely on your trek , I gather that long distance cyclists carry supplies of “Sudocream” for their shady parts?


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