First day from Ship Cove to Madsen Camp

9 Jan. With WiFi and beer available I am writing this from Furneaux Lodge at 16:30 having started at Ship Cove at 09:30 this morning. Managed to get the 08:00 water taxi from Picton. I still have about another 5km to go to the Madsen campsite. The days total will be around 25km with 500 m of climb.

My starting weights were a 70kg body weight with 21kg total pack weight. I felt it all on the climbs😊. This journey is also about connecting with people and I have met two TA walkers on today’s leg and also John and Karen on holiday from Beaconsfield/Leeds. I have spent much of the day walking with them, talking, and sharing a beer. Like minds😊. I did try to get them to continue with me on the TA trail, rather than get their water taxi back to Picton from Furneaux, but they spotted that rouse😊.

Boots and body holding up and weather is ideal. Fantastic vistas of sky, bush, and water. Life is great here, but not the Furneaux Lodge WiFi as it doesn’t have the capacity to send this post. Maybe I will be able to post it tomorrow when I am on the ridges.

Cook Memorial at the start from Ship Cove.
View of Queen Charlotte Sounds from the track.
Karen and John in Endeavour Inlet.

4 thoughts on “First day from Ship Cove to Madsen Camp

  1. Jessica Syms

    Looks like you’ve had a good start to your adventure. May it continue.


  2. Ros Couldwell

    Looks glorious. Not sure about the heavy pack though! Keep safe big brother. Xx




    They do say a good walk in fresh air is good for you, but seriously!
    I can picture Jenny shaking her head and saying ” I know, I just let him get on with it”.
    It is an amazing undertaking. We have done a few hills together in the past, would have loved to have joined you for some of this.
    You can take the man out of the Army…….
    The best of luck with it all, I shall follow closely.



  4. Bridget Robinson

    So far looking good Richard. Loved the blog and photos xx


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