Interconnected View

8 Jan. Jenny and I walked the Queen Charlotte Track (the first section of the South Island TA Trail) when we first visited NZ in December 2011. The track starts at Ship Cove, the bay James Cook used as a base for exploring NZ between 1770-77. We also visited Bluff (Southern tip of South Island) in 2014. Tomorrow I start to interconnect those two points with views of and connections with nature at its best.

Many thanks to all who have made charitable donations prior to the start; 27 in total.

Jenny at Ship Cove December 2011.

5 thoughts on “Interconnected View

  1. Jessica Syms

    Good luck Dad! I’m sure Mum will be with you all the way! X


  2. Karen

    Richard, you’ve made a start. Good luck!


  3. englishcraftsmannz

    Good effort Richard, good luck for the rest of the journey!


  4. Grant Porter

    Happy trails!!


  5. julia read

    Such a poignant photo. Jenny will be with you.


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