Hanmer Springs 4

28 Jan. The final full day in Hanmer Springs started with the same routine of 08:00 yoga followed by breakfast. A good portion of the rest of the day was spent with Mary jo in a QHHT session. It is a form of therapy which I found it very reflective and informative.

I am back on the trail tomorrow after breakfast, hitching back to Boyle River. A final food shop put some weight back in the pack again. It is going to be a 6 day 105km section to Arthur’s Pass, with no mobile signal. It is mainly a valley route, so the blog will be quiet for a some days, but I can be tracked via the map page.

Yoga at Vibrant Living.
Steve, Mary jo, Chara, Magica.

2 thoughts on “Hanmer Springs 4

  1. grntporternz

    Safe travels on this next leg


  2. Bob Hendicott

    R&R sounds more gruelling than the walking! Good luck with the next big stage. I’m enjoying the blog and brilliant photos. Keep it up!


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