Christchurch 2

8 Feb. A Much better nights sleep; must be going soft! Got the outer layer clothing (wind proof and rain jacket) hand washed with Nikwax Tech Wash. (it doesn’t destroy the waterproofing like normal detergent). These will drip dry on the balcony today.

Headed into town under light showers to find somewhere for a watch battery replacement. Got pointed to Mister Minit in the South City shopping centre, so that job was done while I had a coffee. Then headed over to Cactus Outdoor to get some replacement gaiter straps (for under the sole of the boot). The Richmonds and Nelson Lakes rocks had shredded them.

Just opposite Cactus I spotted a Scottish breakfast at Bunrunner Kitchen. Daniel, from Glasgow 12 years ago, provided the real deal including haggis. A few more calories in the bank!

Back towards the centre to do a food shop at Countdown for the next week. Then tried a couple of pharmacies to buy some 2B sandfly repellant. The natural repellant I had doesn’t work! Eventually found some 2B in the Frances Nation ship above the iSite. Then back to the hotel. 10km of town walking.

Late afternoon, I had a nice surprise. Stefan was in Christchurch with his wife Wendy who was on a quick visit, so we met up for a drink and dinner. A birthday celebration after all. Stefan was looking very trim with his trail weight loss.

Scottish breakfast.
Christchurch Museum.
Stefan, me, Wendy.

4 thoughts on “Christchurch 2

  1. Derek

    Is that salad I see on top of the egg in your Scottish breakfast?


    1. My daily greens. 😊


  2. Miss Rebecca Day

    Not sure the parsley on top of the Scottish breakfast is authentic, but good to see a tattie scone and a square sausage (or is that the haggis!).


  3. Ros Couldwell

    Glad you had some birthday company. Sounds like you needed the break in Christchurch. Looking far too thin so glad you are stocking up!! Lots of love. Xx


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