Methven 1

15 Feb. At the Abisko Lodge breakfast, I got chatting to Matthew and Stephanie who live to the north in Darfield and were on a cycle tour for a few days. They are extremely generous and offered me use of their bach when I get to Twizel. I also talked about my journey with Jason and Marie from Queenstown. They were on a camper van trip. Another lovely couple living life to the full. It is such a pleasure meeting people on this journey.

Then on to the admin. Cleaned my pack, removing all gravel road dust collected in the back of trucks. Washed clothes. Even gave my boots some leather treatment.

While refuelling the hired van I found I am well known at the Mobil garage now. 😊 After returning the van, another big breakfast brunch at the Topp Country Cafe. Methven is a quiet rural town at this time of year. It gets busy July and August as an accommodation base for the local Mt Hutt ski fields, so has everything I need to resupply.

In the afternoon, Anara dropped by on her way back to Christchurch from a visit to the Erewhon Station Clydesdale stud. (“Nowhere” spelt backwards as Grant told me.) We drove up to the snow-less Mt Hutt ski base for views of the agricultural patchwork of Canterbury Plains.

The weather forecast is for heavy rain tomorrow (Sunday) so will leave departing Methven until Monday and hopefully avoid river problems on the next section.

Dinner again at the Dubliner pub. Obviously a popular place as it was busy Saturday night. Creamy lemon chicken highly recommended.

My phone hunting van at the Abisko Lodge.
Looking after my most important assets and yes I do carry the Nikwax leather cream.
Methven Main Street.
Canterbury Plains from Mt Hutt (1300m).
Dubliner Pub Methven.

6 thoughts on “Methven 1

  1. Hi Richard I am SO loving your blog! I felt shivery with happiness at the phone recovery story. Someone told me early on in the South Island that what you need, the trail will provide. I certainly felt that way at times. For example when I wanted not to be alone for river crossings and then NOBO people turned up right on cue to watch me cross. Keep on keeping on. Ps I can’t believe you carry a) trainers and b) leather cream.


    1. Hi Frances, glad you are also enjoying my journey. Thanks for those trail tips you gave me. While the trail provides most things, it didn’t come up with trainers and leather cream, so I had to bring those. 😊


  2. Val hill

    Glad all is going well and you found your phone. I have not been so lucky and lost mine in Abel Tasman!!! Using my husbands Rob’s at moment. Seems we missed you just at Arthur’s Pass . Now near Invercargill and end point for you – the bluff. Leave for Oz on Thursday. All the best. We will keep enjoying your blog. Val x


    1. Bad luck with your phone in Abel Tasman. You may be lucky and get it back. NZ is one of the top countries for getting lost valuables returned. Enjoy your rest of your holiday.


  3. Steve Turner

    Hi Richard
    I’m really enjoying following your adventure. It is so interesting to hear about all the people you are interacting with on the way. What an incredible story about your lost+found smart phone! So pleased you found it. My daughter’s holidaying in North Island ATM – Waiheke island today. Thinking of you and great to share your journey via modern tech.
    Love Steve and Liz XX


    1. If your daughter gets to Wellington after the end of March when I should be back, tell her to get in touch. Hopefully I will still have my phone. 😊 Love to you all. R


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