Methven 2

16 Feb. A day waiting for the worst of the cyclone to go through. Late morning I had a leg stretch (without pack) 9km around the Methven Walkway which circles the town. It was a dry day with strong winds and dark clouds hanging over the mountains.

I expect most of the rain will be to the west of the mountains. Light rain is forecast at times over my route next week, but looking good to go tomorrow. It is going to be a 3-4 day section from Glenrock to Mt Potts trail head, with another shuttle around the Rangitata River via Geraldine. I should be in Geraldine by Thursday night, 20 Feb.

The Methven cinema had Midway showing in the afternoon, which entertained for a couple of hours. Did a final bit of laundry before having a roast at the Dubliner pub.

The blog will be quiet for a few days without internet comms.

Rain and high winds coming in from the west
Mt Hutt in the clouds.
Walkway beside the Rangitata Diversion Canal.
Methven Racecourse – trotting.

1 thought on “Methven 2

  1. Look forward to the updates when you’re back in comms.


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