Camp Stream Hut to Boundary Stream Car Park to Lake Tekapo

22 Feb. It was a cold night and the first where I have really appreciated my sleeping bag. Today’s walk destination was Tekapo but the last 17km is on gravel road, so I yesterday, while I had mobile reception on the ridge, I booked a shuttle from Boundary Stream for noon. The other walkers wanted to either walk it or get a hitch. The road walking has been hard on legs as it is a constant repetitive motion without the variation you get on tracks and rough terrain. With 19km to get to the Boundary Stream pickup. I was up at 5:30 and off at 07:00. We have lost about an hour of morning light since I started walking the trail; daylight doesn’t really begin now until about 06:30.

After a short river valley section the trail climbed on to a plateau running south. Wildlife in is area included hares and a wallaby who didn’t seem too bothered by walkers. The track had a well worn foot pad so distance was quickly covered, arriving at the shuttle pickup point at 11:45, just as the rain coming from the central divide started.

Chris from Bespoke Bikes Tekapo picked me up right on time and recognised me from our Christmas tramp. The heavy rain started as we drove to Lake Tekapo Village and continued all afternoon with snow seen on the ridge that I walked yesterday.

I managed to get the last room at the Lake Tekapo Village Motel and while the room was being prepared for my 14:00 check in, I had a full breakfast for lunch at the Greedy Cow cafe. You might have gathered by now that I enjoy a good fry up😊. Coincidentally Tim and Di were also having lunch ( the same all day breakfast). They had just caught the rain coming into town, but were going to stay at Tim’s parents bach locally. We sorted out a meet up for dinner.

An afternoon shower and laundry session left everything smelling a lot sweeter. I bumped into Cass. She had got caught in the rain road walking but gladly took an offer of a hitch.

Tim’s parents Frank and Anne from Ohau came over for dinner at Mackenzies. I will walk past their house on the trail but unfortunately they are going to be away at the time.

Camp Stream Hut camp at dawn.
Start off the valley section from Camp Stream Hut.
Wallaby on the trail, from Australia. (Di’s photo, which is better than mine)
Climbing out of the valley section.
On to flats overlooking Lake Tekapo.
Mt Cook in cloud.
Tim and Di passing me again.
Following the edge of Boundary Stream to the road. Rain coming from the right.
Evening shot of snow. I came down the ridge on the left yesterday in summer sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Camp Stream Hut to Boundary Stream Car Park to Lake Tekapo

  1. Ros Couldwell

    Yes, You have always loved your fry up!! At least it won’t linger on the hips with all this walking! Xx


  2. Di

    So that’s the cause of our cold snap (Wellington)! Good that you didn’t get caught up in that snow!


  3. Jessica Syms

    Didn’t realise there were wallabies in New Zealand! X


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