Jump: Wanaka to Glendu Bay

23 Feb. It’s been six months or half a year since Jenny died, and I have now covered half the South Island Trail, 677 km in all. Her presence with me has grown stronger through the peace and joy that the journey has brought me and she has certainly been looking after my fitness and the weather.

The trail from Tekapo has long flat sections, without camping or accommodation options, so many walkers use local bike hire to avoid long days. A friend is able to join me for the bike days next weekend so today I am skipping ahead to walk the Wanaka to Queenstown section, and then returning to Tekapo at the end of the week to continue from there. The weather forecast fits that plan well for this alpine section.

I caught the 12:50 intercity coach from Tekapo with a mini bus connection from Tarras to Wanaka, arriving just before 16:00. Facing a 16km walk (3:15 hr) to Glendu Bay Motor Camp for the night, it was going to be a late finish to the day, so I had a pie as an early evening meal. While sat on a pavement table, Holger and Pete walked by. They had just come off the trail today and we’re going to spend a rest day in Wanaka. I hadn’t seen them since Nelson Lakes. We caught up with trail news for an hour, but I had distance to cover before dark and they went on to their accommodation.

The trail to Glendu Bay follows the lake edge and is a very well graded path except for occasional storm damaged sections. Nothing serious.

Although the campsite reception officially closes at 20:00, they were still open at 20:15 checking in campers. Shelly checked me in and explained where everything was. Nice showers kitchens, amenity areas and WiFi.

Posts are unlikely for the next three days as I will be out of mobile coverage. Aiming to be in Queenstown on Thursday evening (27 Feb).

Jenny’s roses blooming at home.
Lake Tekapo Village Motel.
Coach stop.
Me, Pete, Holger in Wanaka.
Wanaka beach.
Glendu Bay track.
Clear waters of Lake Wanaka.
Approaching Glendu Bay (centre).
Lakeside camp.

5 thoughts on “Jump: Wanaka to Glendu Bay

  1. Ros Couldwell

    How lovely to see Jenny’s roses flowering in time for her birthday on Thursday. She certainly has been looking after you, and would be proud what you have achieved so far. Sending lots of love and strength. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bridget Robinson

    Lovely that Jenny is with you Richard. Much love Bridget and Grant xx


  3. Emily Shrosbree

    Well done on getting to the half way mark! Jenny will be proud 🙂


  4. Rebecca Day

    Richard. We are thinking of you. Your post today really struck a chord. On Friday Gareth and I brought a new life, Finlay, into the world. Gareth and Finlay mean everything to me. It must be so hard for you to be without Jenny, but I’m so glad your journey through new zealand is bringing you comfort. Beccy


    1. Wonderful news Beccy. Many congrats. Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to those sleepless nights. 😊


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