Ahuriri River to Top Timaru Hut

3 Mar. Light rain started overnight, so on daybreak about 06:30, I prepared my usual porridge and granola on the gas stove in my tent. First time I have done that in this tent but it worked fine. The rain was off and on and getting out of my tent I caught a full arc rainbow. A beautiful sight.

It was a later start this morning and I was walking at 09:00. Katrina and Mark were about 15 mins behind me. It took me that time to scramble up the steep bank out of the river bed area; I am not sure I found the actual track there. A light steady rain then started which persisted until about 13:00. The first 10km was through farmlands, a gradual climb up Avon Burn valley, most of it on a 4-wheel drive track. At midday a station hut (Tin Hut) was a welcome shelter for a lunch break. Katrina and Mark arrived soon after and were considering whether to stay there for the night. A 14km stretch with 700m climb was required to reach Top Timaru Hut. I pressed on at 13:00, expecting to be there by 18:00. The track was an old 4-wheel drive track all the way, so going was good. The rain had stopped by the time I reached Martha Saddle and I arrived at Top Timaru Hut at 17:30. The hut is a small 6 bunk hut and it was full as many of the occupants had arrived the previous day and decided to sit out the rain.

I set up my tent above the hut as it was quieter than down by the river. There was no shelter from the wind anywhere and it was gusting strongly. I made sure my tent was well guyed out to avoid a broken tent pole as happened on a tramping club trip last year. My foil wind shield was essential for the gas stove. Dinner was dehy spaghetti bolognese.

Stats for the day: 26km with 1000m climb in 8:30 hours.

In tent catering.
Dawn skies.
Couldn’t have staged this!
Looking back on the Ahuriri River crossing area.
Heading up the Avon Burn valley in the rain.
4-wheel drive track for most of the way.
Looking back down to the Tin Hut.
Route up to Martha Saddle.
Looking back down the approach to the saddle.
Over the top of Martha Saddle.
Descent through a typical glacial valley.
Top Timaru Hut – no vacancies.
My solitary tent site.

4 thoughts on “Ahuriri River to Top Timaru Hut

  1. Jessica Syms

    That rainbow is amazing! And the dawn photo of your tent looks like another planet. Great photos!


  2. Emily Shrosbree

    Love the rainbow!


  3. John and Karen

    Amazing rainbow picture. Never seen anything like before


  4. Ros Couldwell

    Amazing rainbow photo. Never seen anything like that before. Beautiful. Xx


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