Top Timaru Hut to Stodys Hut

4 Mar. Felt an earthquake at 00:30. Sleeping with an ear on my sleeping mat, I heard a deep ground rumble and then just one short judder. I found later, it was a 3.6 quake according to GeoNet. A quick mental check that I wasn’t sleeping near any rocky slopes, and all was well.

The wind eased overnight and there was no rain. However the temperature had dropped and I was only just warm enough in my sleeping bag. Up at 06:45 and off at 08:30. The trail followed the Timaru River valley south and west, sidling the valley sides and crossing the river a number of times. Wet boots again. I reached the Stodys Hut track junction in the valley at 13:30 at the same time as Rhys (female) from Chicago and Xenia from near Antwerp, Belgium. They had set off from Top Timaru Hut before me and we lunched together. It’s only 2km from the track junction to Stodys Hut, but a climb of 500m, so very steep. After Rhys and Xenia departed I got rid of excess water in my boots I started the climb at 14:20, arriving Stodys Hut at 16:20. Rhys and Xenia were there with Jared (from New York). They were going to push on to Pakituhi Hut, about another 3-4 hours as they were low on food and wanted a short exit to Hawea.

I wasn’t on my own for long before Steve and Jason on an overnight trip from Lake Hawea arrived. Jason is home for a couple of weeks from Boston and they are on an anniversary trip of their son/brother’s death a year ago. We briefly shared our stories.

Next in were Murray and Norris From Rotorua/Napier doing the TA by sections in their retirement. Later Veronica from Czech Republic. Jakob and Franziska from Germany. Whit (from San Francisco) arrived at about 19:30. He had a long day from Tin Hut, nursing a bad hip. He is looking to take some recovery time out after this section. The temperature dropped dramatically with a southerly flow. It was the first evening I had worn my fleece.

With only 6 bunks in the hut, Steve and Jason took the option of a quieter night and descended down to the valley for a camping spot. Before they left, Steve gave me hug; a man with a warm heart.

Not a long day, but the tracks were hard going. 16km with 700m climb in 8 hours.

Looking back towards Top Timaru Hut.
Initial track down the Timaru River valley.
The track, no place to slip.
River travel as well.
And climbs above the river.
On the climb to Stodys Hut.
Stodys Hut around the corner.
Veronica, Julia, Sarah, Franziska, and Jacob at Stodys Hut.
Three for tea: Murray, Norris , me. Inside Stodys Hut. Cosy for six.

1 thought on “Top Timaru Hut to Stodys Hut

  1. Ros Couldwell

    Just on way home from a night out in London. Very different to your touching experiences with those with their life’s stories and sadness. Xx


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