Post Trail Update

Three months have passed since I completed the trail. I had no immediate plans on finishing but that was immaterial as Covid-19 restrictions were dictating life for us all, certainly in New Zealand. I heard from the Mary Potter Hospice that the March fundraising appeal letter and email, in which they included Jenny’s and my story, raised $60,412 in addition to your generous donations. It was worth the walk!

On my way back home to Wellington, I spent a day in Christchurch with Anara, whom I had met on several occasions during the trail. I arrived home on 24 March, a day before the NZ lockdown phase started. The initial restrictions were to last at least four weeks.

The government then announced a couple of days travel extension to allow people to get to where they needed to be for lockdown. I asked Anara if she would like to stay with me Wellington. It was an “in-at-the-deep-end” invitation to developing a relationship as there was no going home until the strict travel restrictions were eased if things didn’t work out. She was brave enough to accept and brought plenty of books to read, just in case.

After 7 weeks of confinement with daily walks and bike rides, solo shopping trips, and a few Netflix series, we were still talking to each other and she hadn’t read any of her books. She returned home and back to work and our love has continued to grow. I am now regularly visiting Anara and looking to move to Christchurch in the near future. We have already had a post-lockdown mountain bike trip at Hanmer Springs, and more outdoor adventures are planned. I am also actively seeking a return to work and hope that the right job comes along in these difficult employment times.

My walk and the return to a world of Covid-19 taught the importance of living each day as it comes. The life lessons from my journey reflections are as valid as ever. As I know personally, life can be too short, so living life in the present is as good as it gets. There are big changes ahead for all of us, so when it comes to choices, I just ask what love would do.

First post lockdown coffee out
Social distancing on Kapiti beach

13 thoughts on “Post Trail Update

  1. I believe life is for the living and sometimes timing isn’t always convenient. Sometimes you just have to take a leap a faith and go with what feels right.

    I know years ago I had to make some tough decisions and certainly neither Richard or Jenny ever judged or questioned and were always supportive.

    I wish you both the very best.

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    1. Anara felt right from the start 🙂 Thanks for your support mate.


  2. Ann Wilson

    Wow! What a result for your charities. I am sure the walk did wonders for you too. It’s heart breaking to lose someone close especially to an illness that forces them to suffer over a long period of time.
    I have been wondering how you have been post walk, but I need not have worried at all!!!! This is all wonderful news Richard. I trust Anara will know by now what a lovely fella she has found in you! Hopefully one day we can meet you, Anara.
    Lots of love and very best wishes for everything you wish for yourselves.
    Ann and Nick

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Ann and Nick. Much appreciated. When Anara and I eventually get to the UK, we will introduce her to your lovely part of the world.


      1. Ann Wilson

        We look forward to seeing you both. Our part of the world is indeed beautiful and in some way even more so in COVID-19 lockdown as we have been able to walk in the wild places and not see a soul!
        Love and very best wishes to you both.


  3. Sharon Brandford

    Wonderful news Richard. Just wonderful. Life is a series of adventures, if you are open to them. You have such an open spirit. enjoy the ride.

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    1. Thanks Sharon. Hopefully see you on a future adventure.


  4. Bridget Robinson

    So lovely Richard that you have an open heart so that you can love again and enjoy every day.

    Looking forward to spending some time with Anara.

    Much love Bridget xx

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    1. Thanks Bridget. Love to you both. We will see you soon.


  5. Congratulations! What an amazing amount for charity! I wish you all the best for your future with Anara.

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  6. Paul Mc

    Oh, that is wonderfully good news. Very best wishes to both of you.

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  7. Aye! Life is short, but she looks shorter that you Richard, must be a good match. 😆 Cheeky bugger aren’t I! But honestly you both look absolutely lovely together. All the best buddy, hope to catch-up with you before you go south.

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  8. Mark

    You certainly have been busy in the last few months, with your trip to Nepal, walking the South Island and your lockdown shenanigans 🙂 I hope there are many more adventures to come for you and Anara.


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