Pennine Way – London to Edale

6 June 2022. I am on a trip to the UK from home in NZ, three years after my last visit. Life has been busy, so another long distance trail appealed. The plan for the next three weeks is to walk the Pennine Way. A London tube strike didn’t help on start the journey to Edale from Wimbledon, but a midday train from St Pancras via Sheffield got me to Edale at 1500. My journey was nothing in comparison to Stefan’s (from TA trail 2020). He is joining me for the first three days and flew over from the Netherlands via Manchester amidst the airport travel chaos (due to staff shortages). He arrived 1730 and we camped at Newfold Farm (£15 each). Dinner at the Old Nags Head. No mobile signal around Edale, but WiFi is available at the campsite. Early start tomorrow with 25 km to Crowden.

Edale Station
Newfold Farm Campsite

The Old Nags Head Pub for dinner

10 thoughts on “Pennine Way – London to Edale

  1. Emily Shrosbree

    Great to see you on the trails again! Enjoy the ramble 🙂


  2. Ros Couldwell

    A good start. Hope the weather is kind. Enjoy!


  3. Oli Love

    Haha! No wonder you weren’t answering texts the last week, your in England! Enjoy the travels bro 🙂


  4. Derek

    Is that your caravan at the far end of the field? You’re getting soft. 🤣


  5. val hill

    Rob and I walked it 7 years ago and loved it. Nowhere near the TA challenge in NZ but I am sure it will be a great break from Wimbledon.
    We saw Jess and her family a few weeks ago at our son Tom ‘s house. They were preparing for their move to Ireland.
    I will look forward to reading your blog.
    Val Hill


  6. Probably don’t need the same Nav skills as required for TA, but still a significant trip! We arrive in UK in 3 weeks, basing ourselves at our son’s in Peak District, but doing a few side trips (Snowdonia and Lakes among them) if you are still there in July would be cool to meet up.


  7. Bridget Porter

    Have a great walk.


  8. Ann Wilson

    Well well! That’s news! You are here! Sounds like you are still on your quest to complete no end of epic hikes! Wondering if there’s a chance if saying hi and repaying your generosity with a dinner to fuel your adventures? We are contemplating a motorhome trip north towards Chester shortly so don’t know if our paths could cross somewhere along the way. Excited to hear from you anyway,
    Ann and Nick


  9. Karen Obi

    Hey Richard! Glad to see you still very active. Have fun!
    Gr. Karen



    Hi Richard,

    You are a tiger for punishment! Hope you can find a masseuse or two along the way … you will need them. I have looked at the elevation map. It looks like NZ.



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