Edale to Crowden

7 June 2022. It gets light at around 0430, so as we were awake with a reasonably long day ahead, we didn’t hang around. The route took us up Hope Valley, across Kinder Scout and Bleaklow down into Crowden. We were off at 0700, stopped for lunch on the Snake Pass road at 1115 for 40 mins and reached the Crowden campsite at 1540. 28.5 km in nearly 9 hours. It included a detour coming down from Harrop Moss, which we found later was not an official Pennine Way diversion and totally unnecessary. A bit long for a first day and our legs were feeling it. Hopefully a good sleep will reenergise, but heavy rain is forecast tonight.

The Old Nags Head, start of the Pennine Way
Easy walking up Hope Valley
Jacobs Ladder (steps)
Kinder Low
Looking towards Kinder Downfall
Coming off Sandy Heys
Not quite the yellow brick road to Snake Pass crossing
Crowden Reservoir
Crowden Campsite

3 thoughts on “Edale to Crowden

  1. grntporternz

    It looks great!! Fab weather.


  2. Nick House

    Thanks for the update. Climb up from Edale to peak if Kinder Scout is a tough start and reaching the top is illusive. Looks dry under foot on stone path but lots of peat bogs to cross which stay wet. Hope you didn’t get too wet last night under canvas.
    Nick x


  3. Ros Couldwell

    Looks glorious scenery. Bit different than you are use to. Xx


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