Diggle to Hebden Bridge

9 June 2022. We spent a comfortable night at the Diggle Hotel run by Sue and Billy. We were fortunate to get the last room. All the B&Bs I phoned were booked up. I thought for the time of year it would be easy to get accommodation a day or so in advance. Talking to other walkers, most booked accommodation way in advance. I had reckoned on camping 50% of the nights, but it will be more than that!

We have met other walkers, but they are staying in different accommodation, doing a section over a few days, or taking different times. Getting to know a few names however: Phil, Tom, Ian, Rita, Robin & Kate.

A full English breakfast delayed the customary early start and we were planning to get the bus from Diggle back up the hill to the trail. However Sue offered us a welcome lift so we were walking at 0830. It was and easier day than yesterday with a good path and gentle gradients over Standedge (451m), White Hill (466m) across the M63 motorway ((by bridge) and down Bkackstone Edge (472m) to the White House pub on the A58. Arriving there at 1130, the only problem was that they didn’t open until 1200. As we were making good time, a pub lunch was worth the wait. Back walking at 1245.

The afternoon took us by a series of reservoirs to Stoodley Pike Monument and then a descent into Hebden Bridge. I had managed to book a quadruple room at the Birchcliffe Centre Hostel for the two of us with en-suite shower. Just the job at £62. We arrived at 1600, 26 km. As it was Stefan’s last night we had a very pleasant evening at the Italian restaurant, Ill Mulino, in the town centre. He flies back to the Netherlands tomorrow, so I will be walking on my own.

Short climb from the start up to Standedge
Marker stone on the Rochdale Way (old Roman Road)
White Hill
M62 Bridge
Descent to the White House Pub
Feet inspection at the White House Pub
Approach to Stoodley Pike Monument
Viewing Balcony
Towards Hebden Bridge
Decent into Hebden Bridge
Rochdale Canal in Hebden Bridge
Hebden Bridge Birchcliffe Centre Hostel

3 thoughts on “Diggle to Hebden Bridge

  1. Val Hill

    I am enjoying your blog on walking the Pennine Way!!!! Rob and I walked it about 7 years ago and I think it rained everyday for the 17 days. just the way it is,, we saw Jess and family at our son Tom’s a couple weeks ago with her delightful kids. They seem to be ready for their move to Ireland . She was very excited about your visit so glad covid restrictions finally got lifted so you could come over. Enjoy the walk and drying out boots every night. Shame about lack of accommodation but people book the limited places well in advance. Take care, happy walking.
    Val xxxxxxx



    Hi Richard, snowing in Queenstown today so you certainly got the right way round with your summers!
    Enjoying the blog.. look forward to a catch up in person.


  3. Ros Couldwell

    Don’t get too lonely!


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