Crowden to Standedge/Diggle

8 June 2022. It rained for most of the night but it was dryish when we packed up tents for a 0700 departure. A 10 min walk from the campsite got us back on the Pennine Way, up the valley of Crowden Great Brook, an impressive glacial creation. From there onto Black Hill at 582m, the highest point of the day. The night’s rain has made the track wet with puddles. Stefan’s walking shoes were soon soaked, but with boots and gaiters, my feet stayed dry.

Crossing the A635 took us on to Wessenden Moor walking by a series of reservoirs under the forecast showers. We took a short 20 min lunch break at 1130 as it was too cold to hang around. At 1300 we reached the A62, a couple of km down the road road to Diggle. A conveniently sited bus stop prompted an internet check and after a 9 minute wait we had a welcome bus ride. We found a spare room at the Diggle Hotel which gave us the opportunity to wash and dry some clothes. 19km on the clock today.

Start of Crowden Great Brook
Looking back down the valley
Coming off Black Hill
Looking back to Black Hill from the A635
Wessenden Reservoir
Climb up Blakey Clough
Redbrook Reservoir
Diggle Hotel

2 thoughts on “Crowden to Standedge/Diggle

  1. val hill

    sounds like you have got the typical Penine Way Weather!! only a couple more weeks of it. ……


  2. Hi Richard. Great to hear from you and some neat snaps of some really lovely countryside. I have roamed a little in that area* and have hankered to take on the Pennine Way when the time is right. So go you!
    *my previous experience was as the result of my unfortunate 50 year love affair with Burnley Football Club (don’t ask – it chose me, there is no rhyme nor reason for my support). I managed a couple of trail runs back in the day on the Pennine Bridle (above Burnley) which links with the Pennine way and just love the countryside (such a contrast to the dark satanic mill-towns!). So enjoy and tip a hat as you wander past.
    Will follow with envy.


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