Slaty Hut to Rintoul Hut

16 Jan. All the days have been good, but this one has been amazing. Ridge walking for the main and with ideal weather, the views have been spectacular. 13.5 km with a total of 900m climb, but in short sections. Mt Rintoul was the highest point at 1735m. The route was craggy in places and involved some minor scrambling. Some scree sections made the going difficult and I was glad to have boots and gaiters. Starting at 07:30 and getting to Rintoul Hut at 16:00 meant a 8.5 hour day but I did have lots of stops to take in the views and get photos. Not bad going though, as I had estimated 10 hours from the track guide.

Stefan was at the hut ahead of me and Oceane arrived shortly after. Everyone arrived from the previous hut so same hut occupants. Matthew’s Uncle Ben’s Mexicali’s style rice with tuna tonight. Good signal at this hut so will be easy to post.

Clouds rolling over the ridge
Ridge walking through the clouds.
Stefan, me.
Tougher track sections up to Mt Rintoul.
Looking back from Mt Rintoul. Might just be able to see the track to the right of the ridge in the centre. Wairau Valley in the distance.
Top of Mt Rintoul 1735m looking towards Nelson.
Haastia pulvinaris var. minor, also known as vegetable sheep – a high altitude plant mostly found in the top of South Island where it clings to scree and rocks.
Feeding time at the hut.
Elevation profile
Fresh plums in the hut. Thanks to the Renwick DOC staff.

6 thoughts on “Slaty Hut to Rintoul Hut

  1. julia read

    Can’t quite believe you are out there in all that amazing scenery. It looks so stunning and remote.


  2. Matthew Underwood

    Hey Richard – I hope the Uncle Bens Mexican Rice with Tuna worked for you. I hear you can even eat them cold if it comes to that.


    1. Thanks. Worked very well, but probably a bit too heavy to carry a lot of them.


  3. Bob Hendicott

    Hi Richard,
    I’m really enjoying reading your blog during a miserable wet January in UK. It’s fantastic scenery and such a worthwhile venture. Great photos too. Keep up the great work. Jenny would be very proud. What happened to the 15km daily legs though? I guess you’re getting some distance under your belt while you can!
    All the best


    1. Weather is great so making hay while the sun shines. 😊


  4. Hi Richard,

    Just thought I would check to get an idea of your heights. Ben Nevis is 1345 m, so this is Ben Nevis plus another 390 m. Not just a stroll in fresh air then!

    I bet you are sleeping well.



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